Gangster Wraps, are handmade accessories. Promoting empowerment, and Vibes so positive they'll keep you wanting more. Made using vintage, exclusive and recycled fabrics. Many are one-offs, but all are very exclusive!

Welcome to Gangster Wraps Accessories.

Gangster Wraps are Handmade Accessories for every occasion, that allow the wearer to show off their own individual style and in doing so promote empowerment.

There are no limits to who can wear our products as they are made for taste, so if you like them wear them.

Our handmade accessories are made using vintage, reworked & exclusive fabrics.

Please also take into account that they are all made to order, so the pattern will not always look exactly the same, making each product unique.


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Our Mission, is to Empower the wearers to Express themselves in their own true Style.